Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver

Save money by extending the life of your produce the natural way!


Guard'N Fresh™ Produce Saver

Save money with the organic produce saver!

Guard’N Fresh is a safe, organic way to save your fruits and vegetables that extends the life of your produce by 2 – 3 times! It works by removing the presence of Ethylene gas, which is emitted by many produce items and causes them to ripen faster.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% organic materials.
  • Save money with less harm to the environment than other conventional methods.
  • Use the same technology that organic fruit growers have been using for decades.
  • Can be used in the refrigerator or in a bowl on the counter with minimal visibility.
  • Each packet provides 6 months of active use.
  • The activation date lets you know when it’s time to replace.
  • The vacuum-sealed pouch allows each produce saver to remain undisturbed until activated.
  • Get two packets with each purchase


“I liked the ease of the product simply peel off the tab and place it in the vegetable bin, cannot be any more simple. I have had the product in my fridge and my tabletop fruit bowl for the last six weeks and both have been working extremely well. Fruits and veggies lasted at least 50% longer than if not using the product. I feel this a great product both for its features and its ease of use.”

The “Guard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver”… by JAZ Innovations